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Choosing Carpet And Flooring For Your Home


Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Choosing the right carpet or other flooring for your home is a choice that takes time and thought. Mistakes can be expensive so you will appreciate the help of our friendly service so you make the right choice.


What do you want your floor covering to do?

It helps to think about the kind of wear and tear the carpet or other flooring will receive and also of the comfort factor. Lino might seem a practical choice for a nursery, for example, but it will be a cold one for tiny feet in winter. A washable carpet may be a better choice.


Plain carpets do not do well with pets as they are likely to show every hair, whilst a busy carpet pattern can easily make a small room look smaller. A lounge with a lot of traffic needs something that will be practical and hard wearing as well as looking good.


You may be tempted to go for our range of laminate flooring instead of a carpet. This can work well, but remember that it can be a noisy choice if you live in a flat. However, this is a good choice if there is a dust allergy sufferer in the household.


Make a List

Look at the room you want to cover and make a list of the characteristics you need in your carpet or other floor covering. List the kind of wear the area you want to cover will get.


Think about the room

Avoid a busy patterned carpet if you have patterned furniture or maybe make a room brighter with a pattern if the furnishings are plain. It helps to choose a color that is echoed within other parts of the room to pull things together and this can also create a feeling of space. Adding a piece of curtain material with a pin to your list means you will be able to see your color theme will work.


Don’t be afraid to take time to choose

Take home samples to try. Don’t go for the first thing you see. Sleep on it. A bargain is an expensive mistake if it is wrong for the room you buy it for. This is an investment for your home and you want to be able to live with it. Once a carpet is laid, you can’t change your mind.


Allow us to help

We are the experts in the carpet and flooring field. We can guide you from start to finish and are trained to take your needs into account. Don’t be afraid to use us and ask questions and of course, choose us for your professional fitting. We are here to help you.

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