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Knowing When Replacement Carpet Is The Answer


Buying carpet for your home is a big purchase, over time it will depreciate as well as require maintenance, just like a car does. The reason that so many people carpet their homes is because of the luxury they want to feel beneath their feet as well as providing wall to wall warmth and a soft feel under foot. Although, carpet is a wonderful thing to have it will come with precautions that will need to be adhered to, so that its longevity is ensured.


Once you have had the carpet fitted, there will come a time when the question of having replacement carpet will need answering. As with so many things these days, the manufacturer will always advise that the product will have a certain length of time that the item will remain in good condition. However, as with many things the way in which the item is treated, and the unique factors of people and their homes, the length of time that something lasts may not be as long as first thought.


This rule applies to carpet and even with rigorous maintenance, carpet will eventually need replacing. But as so many people will say, what tell-tale signs they need to look for is something they do not know. So the following are just a few tips that will enable you to know when you will need replacement carpet.


Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

Number 1:

Padding and carpeting is more than ten years old.

Carpet is produced by many different companies, and all of them will come with warranties of different kinds (if the product is premium, then the product will last longer), in general the majority of carpeting and padding will last ten years. If you find that the carpet has wrinkles and the padding is wearing away, these are good indicators that you will need replacement carpet very soon.


Number 2:

Tears and Rips.

If you find that your carpet has small snags in it then these can generally be repaired, by a professional. If however, you find that there are large tears or rips in the carpet, which could be dangerous and create safety issues, installing a replacement carpet is the right option. Make sure that you keep an eye out for rips and tears on stairs and the living room, where high traffic is constant.


Number 3:

Odors That Won’t Go Away

Owning a pet or having children and having carpeted floors is going to create areas of odor. Unfortunately, this is something that you will be unable to get away from. Accidents will always happen no matter how vigilante you are, making sure that you clean up any spills or leaks that could end up seeping into your carpet will only keep your carpet clean for so long. Certain stains can be cleaned up relatively easily, but spills that carry odors and urine will eventually cause mildew and mold to set in and become part of the carpet fibers. If this is the case for you then replacement carpet it is the best option.

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