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Experience the Best in Carpeting with 94 Floor! Now with Mohawk Smartstrand Flooring

Mohawk Smartstrand

mohawk smartstrand“The toughest and easiest carpet to clean on the Planet” That’s what Mohawk is touting! and for good reason.

So what makes this possible? Most carpets are treated with topical protection that wears off over time.  After numerous washing’s the protection fades and stains stay.

Mohawk Smart strand has protection built into the strands.  There are dyes that can be sticking points later on for the stains to stay. They offer a 100% lifetime protection guarantee!

Why Choose Mohawk SmartStrand:

  1. Best protection for Kids and Pets
  2. The only carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wash or wear off
  3. Durability that preserves the style, beauty, and appearance of your carpet

You can find out more about the full line of products that smartstrand provides here!  mohawk smartstrand bucks

Olden Carpet and Flooring is a proud provider and installer of the Mohawk Smartstrand brand and product.  Fell free to call the offices at Olden Carpet and Flooring and have any and all your questions answered.



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