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Perks Of Professional Flooring


In a world of “discount”, “wholesale” and “big box” flooring providers it can be hard to wade through all the options out there for Professional Flooring.  While we all like to save money, especially when completing the look of our home, you need to consider the long term advantages and disadvantages of each option.  


Big Box retailers, both online and in-store, can provide great discounts and incentives; but one must remember that quantity does not always mean quality.  Many times sales, specials and low pricing is due to low quality bulk buys.  Don’t get stuck with cheap product, like Polyester fiber carpet that looks good for a while, then becomes flat and run down. Or, even worse, the possibility of receiving defective carpet or flooring is very real.  Manufacturers tend to have a one year warranty, but the warranties won’t cover what they consider to be “normal” wear and tear.  If the flooring is defective you will have to wait for the manufacturer to send an adjuster, all the while you are stuck living with their mistake!


Quality of the Professional Flooring is just one side of the coin to consider, the other side is the installation.  Large retailers and online retailers most often contract the installation out to local installers.  There is no guarantee the professionalism, experience or quality of these local contractors.  Many local installation companies hire short term, unexperienced workers without proper training.  There is no guarantee that their Contractor’s License has been verified.  Bad installation can ruin your flooring and cost you more money in the long run.  Ever walked across a doorway and get impaled by a nail?  Love the Laminate Wood Planks until they slip out of track? This is not only bad installation but dangerous!  Good luck filing a complaint with the retailer!  They are often busy and slow to respond to complaints or requests.  And, again, you are the one who has to live with it!


Adding insult to injury it is common that the Low Price “Deal” you have chosen is deceiving.  That “low Price” you were so excited about is only for a “basic” installation, and your installation is not “basic”. Suddenly you are paying far more than you’d expected!


Professional Flooring is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home.  You want it to not only be of the best quality, but also to be installed by a company that will back their products and services.  Choosing a locally owned company will give you what you are paying for.  Locally owned companies most often stand behind their product quality and keep employees that they train and invest in for the long term, giving service that is knowledgeable and dependable.  They are quick on customer service, understanding that their success depends on good customer reviews and referrals.  Having more personalized service gives you the ability to be confident of your flooring options, quality and installation.

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