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Exceptional Versatility Of Berber Carpet


Berber carpet provides one of the most versatile and colorful flooring that anyone can own. The carpets originated with the Berber people in Africa as long as 10,000 years ago. The color, pattern, and style of the carpets vary from each group of Berbers and are all made from natural fibers and are hand woven.


More modern Berber carpet is made from nylon, wool, and other synthetic fibers. These carpets are known for their variety of colors, a choice of patterns, and the distinctive deep pile that makes the carpets comfortable to walk on and lie on. You can expect to pay a very large amount of money for a carpet from Africa. More reasonable and affordable prices can be had from modern manufacturers with wool carpets being the most expensive.


The advantage of modern production is that you can design the carpet to fit any area. An original African carpet is often too expensive and precious to actually be used to walk on and they are often used as decorations. The modern carpets add a distinct feel and appearance to any floor.


These carpets are extremely versatile and durable. The lifetime of a carpet depends on the material the carpet is made from but generally this type of carpet stands up to more wear for longer periods of time than most other carpets. The durability means you do not have to replace the carpet so often so you save money.


Berber carpet does not absorb liquids like most other carpets do. The liquid just sits on top of the pile and can be easily removed by blotting. The advantage is that you do not have to clean the carpet as often as you would other carpets. This is a particularly attractive feature if you have young children and pets.


Berber carpet is produced in such a huge variety of patterns and colors that the carpet goes with any existing décor. Colors, patterns, and depth of pile can be chosen to fit the traffic in any home, business, or public building without the worry of high costs.


The carpets are known for their softness. This feature is the result of the depth of the pile and the knotting of the fibers that go into the carpet. Different materials have different levels of softness but in general these are some of the softest carpets made at present.


The cost of the carpets, the durability and longevity of the materials that the carpets are made from, and the near infinite variety of patterns and color make these carpets one of the most popular carpet choices across the world. The ease of care for the carpet is one of the most popular features of this type of carpet.


The installation of this type of carpet deserves the attention of an experienced and skilled professional to produce the look that a client desires as well as an installation that enhances the durability of the carpet.

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